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How to sell with Porch

The home selling process

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You're doing it! You're taking the first step toward selling your home by deciding to list with Porch. We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to helping you on your quest to sell your home to the right buyer.

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Gather listing information

Prep Work

Before you are able to list your home, you'll need to make sure you have your informational ducks in a row. Our local listing coordinator will send you all of the required items you need (like Property Disclosures) as well as agent-recommended guides that will help make the process even easier. It may seem daunting at first, but trust us. A little prep work up front goes a long way.

Local Support

As we mentioned before, our local listing coordinator (who also happens to be a ballin' real estate agent) will be available to help you through the necessary prep work and ensure that your listing is ready for both marketing and compliance within the MLS. In other words: we've got your back.

Prepare your home

It's time to finally tackle that deep cleaning you've been putting off for ages. Whether you have a brand new home or an older property, now is the time to declutter, pressure wash and wipe down every single surface and then maybe do it all again just for good measure. With 97% of potential home buyers finding their homes online, it is absolutely paramount that your home looks its absolute best inside and out.

Not sure where to start? Our partner agent has a few suggestions:

5 Things To Help Sell Your Home for under $100

Preparing your home for sale

We schedule a professional photoshoot

Capture Your Home's Best Side

For us, there's no question: having professional photos is an absolute MUST if you want to sell your home. The average buyer will search for six months online before booking their first showing. This means that if you are going to get noticed, you'll need some of the best photographs to showcase your home's prime features and what makes your property unique. A few shots of your home from your iPhone just isn't going to cut it.

Luckily for you, our team at Porch provides professional photographers who will come out to your home and make sure you get the right shots you need to really help your home stand out. When the time comes, contact your listing coordinator to schedule your home's photoshoot. If you're interested in some sweet Drone photography, we've got that, too (for a small additional fee).

We post your home on the MLS

You're ready to go!

This is where the real fun starts. Now that your place is prepped, your photos have been taken and your listing information is all ready to go, we'll share your home with the masses on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

How it works

The MLS is the #1 data point for every website you likely search for homes on. Anyone trying to sell their home who has employed an agent will enter their home's listing here.

Essentially, we upload all of your home's information, photos, etc. to the MLS and hit the big button: "List This Property", (okay, it's actually a fairly small button, but you get what we mean).

Instantly, your home gets reposted to hundreds of real estate search sites and any buyer working with a buyer's agent gets an email that a new home or property within their search criteria has been listed. Your home gets maximum exposure and you get one step closer to selling your home to the right buyer.

Schedule showings & negotiate offers


Now is your time to shine. This is the point in the process when most of our Porch services come to an end and we let you take over managing the sale of your home.

Our Porch team will be cheering you on from the sidelines as you schedule showings at your convenience, negotiate offers and decide what offer sounds best to you. Because you will be listed with our partner agency to gain valuable access to the MLS, any offers that you receive will come through them first and will be immediately passed on to you.

You'll also have the option to receive showing requests by text or email, so you can easily stay organized and keep all of your requests in one convenient place. Be sure to speak with your listing coordinator if this option sounds like something you'd be interested in.

NOTE: It is important to notify your listing coordinator if the status of your home changes (i.e. under contract), so we can update your listing on the MLS.

Help is always here

If at any point during the Porch process (from purchase to mid-negotiations) you decide you want or need to work with a full-time agent, we've got you. Our partner agent, Gentry Radwanski with the Boulevard Company, is available to offer you full service support and will rebate your payment of $1,399 at the time of closing.

Contract to closing process

You did it

Congratulations! You've signed a contract.

Next is the execution of that contract to close. The buyer will likely have several contingencies to work through (inspections, appraisals, loans, etc.) which will all hopefully culminate in your home being sold.

Since you're selling your home in South Carolina, you'll need the assistance of a closing attorney to finalize all the paperwork to ensure your closing goes off without a hitch. Not sure who to call? We've got a list of wonderful attorneys who we know would be happy to help you through the closing process. Just ask your listing coordinator for details.



Keys have been exchanged, papers have been signed and the closing on your home is complete. That also means that your time with Porch has come to a close.

Our Porch listing coordinator will gather copies of all the documents through the process so we can close out your listing on the MLS and report the sale to the proper parties. We will also keep your documents confidential and on file for you for 24 months in case you ever need them for fun things like taxes.

From our entire Porch family to yours, we wish you all the best in your next home venture!

$1,399 Flat Fee Includes

Pre-listing Preparation

  • You immediately receive a pre-listing package of standard documents for transactions (Agreement to Buy/Sell, Disclosures, etc.)
  • You can gain professional insight from our comprehensive Best Practices Guide
  • We provide you with recommendations for helpful local vendors (cleaners, stagers, handymen, inspectors, movers/packers, etc.) to assist you throughout the process

Professional Photography

  • We schedule a home photoshoot for you with qualified real estate photographers
  • You receive 20-40 high resolution, professional photos (depending on the size of your property), which will be delivered within 72 hours of the photoshoot
  • You also have the option to have professional aerial drone photography for an additional fee of $300

Listing Support

  • Our local listing coordinator and resident real estate agent will guide you from the beginning of your Porch journey through the listing of your property on the MLS
  • Take advantage of our hassle-free scheduling, where you can receive showing requests via text or email
  • We list your home on the MLS (and automatically on Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.) and coordinate listing updates and offers for up to 4 months

What's not included

Buyer's agent commission, sign/lockbox, agent services (contract advice, negotiation guidance), floorplan generation or 3D renderings.

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*Listing with Porch includes a marketing fee of $1,300 paid up front and a $99 Realtor commission paid at closing.